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About our Company

NACOP imbibes the zeal of an applied chemist to explore the depth of Indian Flora to identify isolate and manufacture Phytochemicals.

The passion of Dileep Kumar Paruchuri in the field of natural products coupled with his entrepreneurial zest led to the founding of Indo Nacop Chemicals Limited in the year 1999. The company developed its own standardized process technology for the manufacture of many natural colors, Phytochemicals and Nutraceuticals. .

At every stage the products manufactured are standardized by the Quality Control department as per regulations. Since inception NACOP has developed its own process technology and manufactured more than 120 products.

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Message from CEO

The basic philosophy of the company is to be “Innovative…and Informative…”

We at NACOP are Innovative in exploring and improving the manufacturing practices to improve the yields and purity of our products.

We at NACOP are Informative as we believe in sharing all the information with our clients instead of keeping the details to ourselves